Pretreatment Production Line

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Workpiece pre-treatment refers to the workpiece being fully exposed to the chemical agent to reach the technical requirements. The ways of pretreatment includes full immersion type, full spraying type, spraying-immersion type and brushing type, and what method the production line should adopt mainly depends on the shape and size of the workpiece, site area, investment scale, production quantity and other factors.

  • Equipment Unit: Water Tanks, Spraying System, Heating System, Ventilating System, Lighting Device, etc.
  • Aplicable Industries: Auto, Home Appliance, Metal Processing, etc.
  • Production Efficiency: 4-7 times than workers
  • Operation Hours: 24 hours per day
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    The pretreatment is a process of thoroughly cleaning the oxide scale, rust, grease, dust and other dirt on the surface of the workpiece before coating, so that the coating powder and the metal surface are firmly bonded and strongly adhered, which can improve the product quality and extend the working life of the product.

    According to the workpiece and specific production requirements,we will adopt different pretreatment type or combined type to make sure that the design proposal is the best for our customers. A complete set of pretreatment production line consists of water tank, spray system, heating and temperature control system, ventilation system, phosphating liquid precipitating and deslagging system, spraying room and lighting device, all of which can achieve automatic operation.


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