Intelligentization of High-end Powder Spraying Robots

Realizing the high-end intelligentization of powder spraying  is Liush’s most persistent pursuit. We have realized the robot powder spraying for Huawei, and the powder spraying robot has replaced the coating workers, which makes the original hard work no longer so hard. The application of Liush powder spraying robots make the output and quality greatly improved, because the efficiency has been improved several times. The customer was very satisfied with the use of the robots, as it reduces the burden on the enterprise and saves resources. The following content briefly introduces the project of using Liush powder spraying robot technology to realize high-end automatic dusting for Huawei filter.

Huawei filter are currently produced by all levels of suppliers in the market. Due to the large demand for products, the production capacity of suppliers at all levels is insufficient, resulting in a large number of workshop-style production. The workshop-type production uses arrayed multi-sprayer stations, using a large number of machine-human spraying to achieve greater capacity. However, the use of man spraying does produce a series of problems: 1. Due to the high quality requirements of filter dusting, it is especially important for the powder sprayer who has the experience of spraying the product, but skilled workers’ monthly wage can reach 6800 yuan; 2. The quality is controlled by each sprayer, and each person’s spraying method is inconsistent, which will result in inconsistency of film thickness and characteristics of the batch product. 3. The productivity of man single-station spraying is low. The productivity of skilled sprayers is 28 pieces/h. To achieve mass production, it takes a very large labor cost. 4. The powder is highly contained in the air at the dusting site, which seriously threatens the health of the on-site staff. 5. Due to the poor spraying environment on site, the flow of personnel is so bad.

After adopting the powder spraying robots, we have achieved a good improvement, including: 1. The single-station spraying station is designed as a conveyor-line-type continuous working station according to the production characteristics of the product. 2. Replace the spraying workers with the industrial robot of the spraying station. 3. Maximize efficiency by matching the production speed according to the customer’s production capacity. 4. Select the latest automatic powder gun, powder supply system, recycling system, and provide high quality powder spraying platform. 5. Use Liush spray control system as the main control center to control the stable operation of each execution part of the spray chamber. 6. The spraying robot is sprayed with multiple spray guns at the same time, which significantly improves the spraying efficiency.

In summary, the value of the Liush powder spraying robot is reflected that: 1. The existing production mode is invested once, the cost is recovered in one year, and the sustainable operation is continued. 2. The production staff has dropped significantly, effectively reducing costs. 3. The production environment of the factory has been improved. 4. The employees are comfortable, the flow of personnel is reduced, and the production process is stable.


Post time: Jun-05-2017