Forecast of Sludge Dewatering Equipment Market in 2025

By 2025, the market share of American sludge dewatering equipment will expand by more than 9%. The massive consumption of water resources and the ageing of wastewater treatment infrastructure will drive product adoption. In addition, the introduction of strict wastewater discharge standards and guidelines throughout the region will stimulate industry development. For example, the “Clean Water Law” established a basic structure for regulating pollutant emissions to ensure the quality of surface water.
The market for municipal sludge dewatering equipment will grow due to the limited space available to treat municipal waste in metropolitan areas. Increased investment in the reconstruction and construction of sewage treatment plants will promote the demand for equipment. In addition, the paradigm shift across major economies to the reuse and recycling of urban waste will have a positive impact on the industry landscape.
It is estimated that by 2025, the market size of sludge dewatering equipment will exceed USD 5 billion. The shift towards water reuse and resource recovery, coupled with rapid technological progress and innovation, will stimulate market growth. The global emphasis on protecting surface water bodies from pollution, and the trend towards a sustainable and green economy through eco-efficiency, pollution control and closed-loop production will further nourish business prospects.
It is estimated that by 2025, the market for sludge dewatering equipment produced by centrifuges will reach over 8%. The limited supply of landfills and government efforts to limit the impact of untreated municipal and industrial waste will drive product demand. In addition, the introduction of strict wastewater discharge and generation standards, as well as efforts to limit the environmental impact of industrial and urban waste, will promote the growth of industry.
Due to large-scale industrial growth and continued investment in new industrial wastewater treatment facilities, China’s sludge dewatering equipment market will achieve strong growth. The growth of this industry is further attributed to the increase in wastewater generated by the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Strict pollution standards and environmental regulations (including the industrial wastewater discharge standards established by the Ministry of Environmental Protection) restrict the purpose of extracting water from natural resources, aiming to promote the reuse and recycling of industrial wastewater.
Due to the trend towards wastewater recycling and resource recycling, the German sludge dewatering equipment market will grow. In addition, pollution control and strict waste management standards, as well as increasing attention to protect surface water from the adverse effects of wastewater discharge, will drive the development of the industry. For example, the EU Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (UWWTD) deals with the collection, treatment and discharge of urban wastewater since 1991.
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Post time: Sep-24-2020