Coating Production Line

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The coating production line mainly consists of pretreatment electrophoresis line, sealing base coat coating line, floating coat coating line, top coat coating line, finishing line and drying system.

  • Equipment Unit: Pretreatment Equipment, Spraying System, Drying & Curing Equipment, Conveying Equipment, etc.
  • Aplicable Industries: Auto, Furniture, Home Appliance, Metal Processing, Plastic Processing, etc.
  • Production Efficiency: 4-7 times than workers
  • Operation Hours: 24 hours per day
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    Establishing a reasonable coating production line can maximize the utilization rate of painting equipment and ensure the high quality of products.

    The workpiece conveying system in the whole coating production line adopts the mechanized conveying mode combining suspension chain and ground skidding chain, which can  realize the automatic transfer operation. It adopts PLC controllable programming and can be controlled according to the actual requirements of production process. The on-site monitoring mode is implemented, by which operating staffs can check whether there is any problem in the production process at any time to make sure the normal running.

    The drying system in the coating production line is designed according to the specific environment conditions, and the drying chamber adopts bridge structure (except the drying ovrn for base coat), which ensures the constancy and stability of the oven temperature and improves the efficiency of heat energy and drying quality. 

    Process design and project planning are the basis for establishing a production line, because correct and reasonable processes have a decisive impact on production operations and product quality. Generally, coating production line can be designed to be semi-automatic or fully automatic type according to process requirements and customer requirements. It can be used in furniture, hardware, transportation, home appliance, handicrafts and other industries, and can be divided into the following two types:

    1. Powder spraying production line: consisting of pre-treatment, powder spraying chamber, drying stove, curing oven, recycling system, conveyor chain, etc.;

    2. Painting production line: consisting of pre-treatment, drying stove, curing oven, paint spraying booth, conveyor chain and so on.

    Powder spraying production line (2)


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