Automatic Mask Production Line

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Automatic mask production equipment is divided into plane mask production equipment, N95 mask production equipment, folding mask production equipment, etc.. Different masks should be produced by different production equipment.

  • Equipment Unit:: Ultrasonic Mask Shaping Machine, Ear Bind Adding Machine
  • Applicable Industries:: Medical Apparatus and Instruments Industry
  • Production Efficiency:: 130-160 pcs/min
  • Operation Hours:: 24 hours per day
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    Ultrasonic Mask Shaping Machine (also called mask laminating machine) is used to produce multi-layer masks automatically. 1 ~ 4 layers of PP spun-bonded non-woven, activated carbon and filtration material can be made into finished masks by this machine. The machine can operate the entire process from raw material loading, inserting small metal strips, sealing sides to cutting into pieces. The products made of different raw materials can be up to different standards such as N95 or FFP2. This equipment process the advantages such as stable performance, high yield, low defect rate, easy operation. Adding with several sets of ear bind adding machine, the mask making machine can basically produce all kinds of masks.

    Parameters for Ultrasonic Mask Shaping Machine:

    1. Size: 3900(L)*905(W)*1600(H)mm

    2. Capacity: 130-160pcs/min

    3. Frequency: 20KHZ

    4. Power Consumption: 4KW

    5. Voltage: 220V

    Ear bind adding machine adopts ultrasonic welding method. A worker is needed to put semi-finished masks on the conveyor of the machine, then the machine shall complete the rest process. The semi-finished masks shall be curled edges by the folder to curl edge, pressed the edge by ultrasonic wave wheel and finally cut off the bind, at end the finished product shall be packed.

    Parameters for Ear Bind Adding Machine

    1. Size: 1900(L) *730(W) * 1300(H) mm

    2. Capacity: 25-30pcs/min

    3. Frequency: 20KHZ (including two sets of ultrasonic systems)

    4. Power consumption : 3kw

    5. Voltage: 220V


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